mystery shoppers know your rights

As a self-employed mystery shopper, you have the following rights with any agency that you work with.


You have the rights to:

  • Select which mystery shopping assignments you would like to complete via a self-assign job board.

  • Reject any mystery shops if they are no longer viable for you to complete.

  • Request/negotiate a higher fee if the scope of a mystery shop has changed/more work is required of you.

  • Ask for support/advice from the mystery shopping agency whenever needed.

Your Assignments.

As a self-employed mystery shopper, the agencies that you work with cannot make it mandatory to complete any assignments or request that you complete a group of assignments. You have the flexibility to pick and choose which assignments you would like to complete based on your preference of industry, location and the fee being offered.

Who to work for.

My View Research

“Complete as little or as many assessments as you like by logging on to our online portal and selecting the assessments you would like to carry out in your area”