Virtual Mystery Shopping

Monitor virtual enquiries

Measuring how well your sales team handle virtual enquiries with prospective customer’s is invaluable to their training and development.

What is virtual mystery shopping?

Due to Covid-19, many businesses have had to find ways to adapt how they offer their services to customers so that they can continue trading throughout the pandemic. The first lockdown forced many businesses to look at the way they communicate with each other and their customers, which saw the rise of video calls through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. There is no reason why different industries can’t keep up with this virtual trend and offer a video communication method to their customers. The only challenge is how you monitor how well these virtual appointments are carried out by your sales teams. Virtual Mystery Shopping can capture the whole process from making the virtual appointment, through to the virtual appointment experience.

How does virtual mystery shopping work?

All of our virtual mystery shopping assignments include a detailed report analysis per location, as well as a screen video recording of the interaction, with each report available to review on our online reporting platform within 3-5 days of the mystery shop taking place.

Results at your fingertips

All results across the different survey types will be collated and hosted on our online reporting platform and App so that your teams can review the results, run comparative data across question sets, and use the insight to present the feedback back to relevant team members.