Mystery Shopper Feedback

” Good range of work, lots of support when required. Appreciation for shoppers is palpable. Good briefs that don’t require pages of superfluous waffle and are clearly written. Reports are not too long and staff are nice to deal with.

My View Research is a great company to work for.”

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Motivated Shoppers

“I feel motivated and am happy with how things are going. You are the only company that I know of that has recognised the situation with fuel prices and acted, which is a massive plus in my opinion, and I thank you for this.”

Professional Company to work for

“I think you are doing well, and everything is pitched perfectly. I have been very impressed and have a lot of experience with many agencies. I also proofread for 4, and the questions and reports are well written without too many unnecessary questions, which can be very irritating.”

Virtual Mystery Shopper
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