Mystery Shopper Telephone Numbers

  • One of the more challenging aspects of being an active mystery shopper is without a doubt telephone numbers. Constantly trying to find numbers that you have not used to put yourself forward for different assignments that you know you can do, want to do, but you know you can’t as they have linked systems and you will be noticed.

    This process can restrict your activity and eligibility to complete certain assignments and can provide a real headache trying to remember what numbers you have given out.

What you can do.

We have been alerted to a company from an existing mystery shopper, who offer a service that we feel can really help you with this problem; allowing you to apply and complete more assignments within the same company with confidence of not being noted on any linked systems.

The company itself are called TTNC and they offer the following two services:

• If you visit their website and submit an enquiry, TTNC will be able to provide you a landline number based on your geographical request that if phoned, will be routed through to your mobile phone number meaning you can give this number out without fear of being noticed on the systems.

For Example:

I wanted to complete or apply for four different retail assignments for the same company in and around the London area to be done on the same day, but knowing they have a linked database I could not use the same telephone number. TTNC, for a small cost, could provide me with four different London based landline telephone numbers that I could give out and if phoned by the company, would in fact be routed through to my mobile telephone number and would prevent you being noticed on any linked systems.

• You can also create mobile telephone numbers that have the same effect. If phoned, they will be routed through to your mobile meaning you could give out different mobile numbers to different companies, as opposed to landline numbers, and when phoned they will always be routed through to you.

**Please note this service is more expensive than creating landline numbers but is still available**


• How much does it cost to create a new landline number and how long do I have it for?

Each local landline number costs £2 to setup and is live for 14 days. You will just need to give TTNC your area code of choice then you can give this out as many times as you like!

• And to create a mobile number to use in the same way?

This is slightly more expensive at £15 to set up and thereafter is £5 per month to run.

• Do I have to pay for this or will you?

As of right now this is something that you would manage and budget for and would certainly be a good option for our more active mystery shoppers.

• What happens if I need to receive a text / a text is sent to the ‘virtual’ number?

This would be forward onto you by email so you would still be able to attach to your assignments.

You can find lots of other advice and tips for mystery shopping on our resources page here.

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