The Physical/Onsite Mystery Shopper

What’s involved in Report-Based Mystery Shops?

Appointed mystery shops are typically used within the automotive and property industries, to make sure there is a salesperson available at the time the mystery shop takes place.

For each mystery shop you will be provided with a scenario and questions to ask.


After the mystery shop has taken place, you will complete a report based on your feedback. For assignments completed for My View Research we require our researchers to use our app, My View Portal to enter the feedback.

The mystery shop brief and scorecard are both typically hosted on online platforms and can be viewed and completed via an app, if the agency has one, or via their reporting website. Depending on the requirements of the client, a scorecard can be made up of simple yes/no questions, multiple choice questions and written verbatim comments, to allow the client to get a complete picture of your interaction with their staff member.

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