Learn about the different types of Mystery Shopper assignments.

Mystery Shopper earning extra income

Typical Fees for Mystery Shops


Work from home telephone Mystery Shopping

  • Follow a scenario

  • Telephone call is recorded

  • Follow up calls may be required

  • Estimated earnings per completed assignment £4 – £15


Online mystery shops are designed to measure the speed, method, and quality of response to enquiries that are sent via a business’s website

  • Work from home

  • Make online enquiries

  • Measure if the enquiry was followed up by the business – screenshots may need to be taken

  • Estimated earnings per completed assignment £4 – £10


Social media mystery shops involve visiting a business’s social media page and asking a question or making a complaint depending on the scenario agreed with the client

  • Work from home

  • Measure the speed and quality of the response

  • Screen shot the responses

  • Estimated earnings per completed assignment £4 – £10


Virtual mystery shops take place via a video meeting such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Work from home

  • Follow a scenario and have a online meeting

  • In some instances the meeting is recorded

  • Estimated earnings per completed assignment £4 – £10

All assignment fee estimates are based on the complexity and duration of each mystery shop for My Mystery Shopper, read our fair pay policy here:

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