Online Mystery Shopping

How well does your team respond?

Replicate a real customer online enquiry and identify how your team handle enquiries into your business.

Why choose online mystery shopping?

Do you know how many of your website enquiries actually get responded to? Having a regular online mystery shopping programme in place will allow you to measure how many enquiries are being responded to as well as measuring the speed, quality and accuracy of each response.

How does online mystery shopping work?

You can identify if the responses are creating a call to action or just simply providing the information requested. All of our online mystery shopping assignments include a detailed report analysis per location, as well as screen captures of all communication sent and received, with each report available to review on our online reporting platform within 2-3 days of the mystery shop taking place.

Results at your fingertips

All results across the different survey types will be collated and hosted on our online reporting platform and App so that your teams can review the results, run comparative data across question sets, and use the insight to present the feedback back to relevant team members.