Mystery Shopping

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Measure every touch point of your customer’s journey through Mystery Shopping! Replicate a real customer enquiry and identify how your front-line teams handle enquiries into your business.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a form of observation that uses researchers who pose as customers, or potential customers, to measure the process and procedures used in the delivery of a service. The feedback provided by the mystery shoppers can be used to identify strengths and focus areas during the interaction with your front-line staff. As well as measuring adherence to your sales or service processes, it is also used to report on customer experience levels using measurements such as NPS, CES and CSAT.

Mystery shopping is ultimately a training and development tool. Any mystery shopping programme can be designed to complement an organisation’s existing training and feedback strategy, by providing regular insight and analysis on an organisation or individual staff members strengths or focus areas.

Mystery shopping is used quite extensively by organisations within the retail, automotive, property, hospitality, finance, and transport industries.

Benefits of mystery shopping

What are the benefits?

Unlike customer feedback surveys, mystery shopping is used to measure a sales or service journey and process, rather than solely focusing on the outcome of a sales or service encounter. Mystery shopping can focus on which activities and procedures do or do not happen, rather than gathering opinions about the service experience. Customer feedback surveys alone do not provide sufficient information to allow organisations to identify and correct weaknesses in their customer journey and sales or service delivery process.

Mystery shopping can immediately identify if there is a training need with one or all of your customer facing staff. This need can be related to procedures or processes not being followed or identify a weakness in their customer service delivery.

How often should you conduct mystery shops?

Mystery shopping should be utilised as an ongoing training and development tool and complement any existing feedback process your organisation may already have in place. Our recommendation would be to mystery shop each of your locations, or customer facing staff, on a monthly basis to allow for ongoing feedback and training. Frequent mystery shops will also allow you to trend each element of the measurement process to identify if there is any improvement or decline in your staff members strengths or focus areas.

What are the different mystery shopping options?

Mystery shopping can replicate any method that a customer can interact with your business using any of the following measurement options:

PhysicalVideoVirtualTelephoneOnlineSocialAccompanied Customer Mystery Shopping

Virtual Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Online Mystery Shopping

Social Media
Mystery Shopping

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