Your Mystery Shopping Questions Answered!

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Can Mystery Shopping be a fulltime job?

Yes, My Mystery Shopper has many Mystery Shopping assignments available across the UK each month. We recommend that Mystery Shoppers work for multiple mystery shopping agencies to maximise your potential of being a full-time self-employed mystery shopper.

Can Mystery Shopping be completed from home?

Yes, My Mystery Shopper has Mystery Shopping contracts with some of the world’s most recognised brands. Mystery Shopping research can be carried out as a work from home side hustle or as a full-time self-employed job.

What makes a good Mystery Shopper?

  • A good Mystery Shopper would have a high-level of attention to detail.
  • They would be reliable and value good customer service
  • They would provide detailed accurate reporting.
  • They would follow-through on commitments to deliver.
  • And lastly, a good Mystery Shopper would be keen to provide a high standard of work.

What types of Mystery Shopping could I be offered?

Industry specific projects such as:

o Automotive Mystery Shopping

o Hospitality Mystery Shopping

o Property Industry Mystery Shopping

o Retail Mystery Shopping

There are also opportunities to take part in Brand Standards Auditing and Telephone Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

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