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At My Mystery Shopper we are consistently recruiting for new mystery shoppers to join our team across the UK; so we have put together this complete help guide to support you with your new career as a mystery shopper. This guide includes frequently asked questions, a breakdown of different types of mystery shops available and our step-by-step how to guide to become a Mystery Shopper. We hope you find this guide helpful and we look forward to having you as part of our mystery shopping team.

How to become a Mystery Shopper – Your questions answered!

When our mystery shoppers meet new people and tell them what they do, they often respond with “I would love to do that”, followed by lots of questions…. “So, you get paid to shop? How much do you earn? Do you do it full time or part time? How can I start doing mystery shopping?”

We’re here to help answer those questions!

Can anyone become a mystery shopper2023-03-06T18:38:10+00:00

Answer: Yes, anyone can become a mystery shopper! There are many legitimate mystery shopping companies out there that hire shoppers of all ages and backgrounds. However, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re working with a reputable company before signing up. Mystery shopping can be a fun way to earn some extra money while also providing valuable feedback to businesses.

What happens if a sales advisor confronts me about being a mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:58:43+01:00

This happens very rarely. If a sales advisor thinks you are a mystery shopper, they will typically perform very well with the hope to get a perfect score for their mystery shop. On the odd occasion that a sales advisor asks if someone is a mystery shopper, we recommend pleading ignorance and asking, ‘What is a mystery shopper?’ This typically throws the sales advisor off and allows you to carry on with your enquiry.

Do I have to buy something as part of the mystery shop?2022-07-22T16:58:16+01:00

Most mystery shops are enquiry only, but there will be the occasion where a purchase needs to be made. If this is the case, you will be reimbursed for your purchase within 24 hours of receiving proof of purchase. For any mystery shops that require large deposits to be paid, for example purchasing a car or a kitchen, these funds will be paid to the mystery shopper upfront.

How do I get paid for being a mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:57:53+01:00

This differs by agency. For any mystery shopping assignments you complete for My View Research, you will be paid an agreed fee per assignment. For all assignments completed within a calendar month, your fee payments will be processed anywhere between the 8th and 15th of the following calendar month.

Is a mystery shopper an employed or self-employed role?2022-07-22T16:57:31+01:00

A mystery shopper is a self-employed role. Due to the ‘return to location’ agreement that we have with our clients, for example not returning to the same store again within 6 months, it is not currently feasible to employ mystery shoppers on a permanent contract.

Does it cost anything to become a mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:57:06+01:00

It doesn’t cost anything at all to become a mystery shopper. A mystery shopping agency should not ask you for money to register as a mystery shopper with them. If you would like to conduct covert video mystery shopping, then yes there is a requirement to purchase equipment.

Do I need to buy any equipment to be a mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:56:42+01:00

To conduct report based onsite, telephone and online mystery shops, all you need is a laptop/computer and a mobile phone. If you are interested in taking part in covert video mystery shopping, specialist equipment will need to be purchased to allow you to do this. We have a preferred supplier for covert video equipment who we can put you in touch with.

Can I do mystery shopping around my current job/lifestyle?2022-07-22T16:56:17+01:00

Yes you can. Being a mystery shopper is a perfect side hustle to substitute your main income or work around your lifestyle. Mainly retail and hospitality locations allow you to complete mystery shops during the evening and on the weekends.

Can I be a full-time mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:55:51+01:00

This depends on how far you are willing to travel as well as how many mystery shopping agencies you register with. Mystery shoppers who register with multiple agencies and travel throughout the UK can make a very good full-time career as a mystery shopper. To find out which other agencies we recommend you register with, click here.

Do I need to have any experience to be a mystery shopper?2022-07-22T16:54:41+01:00

No you don’t need any experience at all. Our team will train you on how to follow a brief and conduct a mystery shop. You will be required to complete at least one test mystery shop before conducting assignments on behalf of our clients.

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