Our assignment fees are based on the complexity and duration of each mystery shop.

Below are examples of our fee ranges for each mystery shop method:


£4 - 15Assignment
  • Online Enquiry Mystery Shop


£4 - 15Assignment
  • Telephone Enquiry Mystery Shop


£25 - 50Assignment
  • Onsite Report Based Mystery Shop


  • Onsite Video Mystery Shop


  • Purchase/Deposit Mystery Shop

Our Fair Pay Policy.

The nature of our industry relies on self-employed mystery shoppers to deliver the majority of our research projects. As is common for our industry, mystery shoppers typically work for multiple agencies to maximise assignments available in their area. As a results of our ‘fair pay policy’ we have a high retention of mystery shoppers who deliver to a high-quality standard. Our business model allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to our clients, however we may not always offer the lowest price, as we believe in paying mystery shoppers fairly to match our high expectations of quality and delivery.


Mystery shopping is a popular side hustle as it is paid on a per assignment basis, allowing individuals to complete as many or as little mystery shops as they like in the time that they have available.

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Mystery Shopper earning extra income