Becoming a Mystery Shopper has many benefits whether you carry out mystery shops as your main income stream, or on a part-time ad-hoc basis.

If mystery shopping is your main income stream, then you have the benefit and flexibility of working for as many different agencies as you like on a self-employed basis. Different mystery shopping agencies work across many industries so a typical day could go from enquiring about a new car, a new house, having a free meal at a restaurant to a free overnight hotel stay.

Mystery shopping normally pays on a per assessment basis and the fee will either include your budget for a meal or overnight stay, or be reimbursed back to you separately from your mystery shop fee. Being a self-employed mystery shopper allows you to have the flexibility to travel as far as you like and complete as many assessments as you like per week or month. Many of the mystery shoppers that we work with at My View Research have their set area that they will travel within, and will let us know on a month by month basis how many assessments they would like to complete.

Many mystery shoppers that we work with travel the length and breadth of the country to allow them to complete as many assessments as possible every month. If you are exploring becoming a full-time mystery shopper, we would recommend a wide travel area so that you are eligible to complete as many mystery shops as possible. For example, if you complete a retail mystery shop in your local town, the client may have an agreement with their mystery shopping agency that a mystery shopper can’t revisit the same location within a 6-month period. So, the further you travel the more mystery shops you will be eligible to complete.

In addition to onsite mystery shopping, many agencies also carry out telephone and online enquiry mystery shops. These mystery shops are easy to do from the comfort of your own home if you don’t want to spend most of your time travelling around the country. Telephone and online mystery shops don’t pay as high a fee as onsite mystery shopping, but if you do a high volume every month, you can achieve a good level of income.

If you are looking for a side-hustle to top-up your main income, then mystery shopping is the perfect option. Becoming a part-time ad-hoc mystery shopper allows you pick up mystery shopping assessments that fit around your current job and lifestyle. At My View Research, we operate a self-allocating job board style portal, where our mystery shoppers can select a location and see what mystery shops are available to carry out in that area. So, for example, if you live in Newcastle and plan to visit the town centre on a Saturday, why not have a look and see what mystery shopping assignments might be available in that area, so that you can earn money while you shop. If you’re planning on going out for dinner, you could log-in to different agencies portals and see what restaurants have mystery shopping assignments available, so that you can have a free meal just for providing your feedback.

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Mystery shopping is for anyone who is passionate about customer service and would like the flexibility of working when they want and where they want. A successful mystery shopper will have a good level of attention to detail and provide accurate feedback on each assessment that they complete.

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