What is a Covert Mystery Shopper?

Let’s start right from the beginning by outlining the meaning of a covert Mystery Shopper….

A covert mystery shopper, also known as a video mystery shopper, is a specialist assessor who provides feedback on interactions with well-known brands, whilst wearing a covert camera. The hidden camera will record the interaction between the mystery shopper and customer facing team members, to allow our clients to provide feedback and training to their team members.

How much travel is involved?

This is entirely up to you.

The further you travel the more mystery shopping assignments will be available to complete. By working with a number of mystery shopping agencies (we will support you with this) you can maximise your income potential in all areas of the UK.

Do I get travel costs?

As a general rule no, travel costs are not included.

The fee that you receive per assignment will go towards all of your travel costs, which is why it is important to complete multiple assignments in one area to make your travel costs worthwhile. If you are interested in completing a mystery shop which is a considerable distance from your home, and there are not any other assignments in that area, depending on the circumstances we may increase the fee for that assignment to support with your travel costs.

Is covert mystery shopping legal under GDPR laws?

It is entirely legal and a widely accepted method of training and development by many brands in the UK

During our everyday lives, most of us will be filmed several times during the day by a security camera either on the street or in businesses such as supermarkets, banks, reception areas, or when we are out driving. Many people also film inside businesses on their own phones and share their experiences online. Remember, companies proactively work with mystery shopping agencies such as My View Research to help improve their customer service. They use the feedback on their own staff whose personal data they already have. As an example, the banking industry use video mystery shopping to prove compliance to regulatory bodies. It is a myth that mystery shopping is not a legal activity under GDPR laws.

What is included in the £450 upfront investment?

For your £450 investment you will receive the latest specification covert video mystery shopping equipment, along with training on how to use the equipment, how to conduct a mystery shop and how to use our online reporting portal. You will receive guidance on becoming self-employed, as well as on-going training and support from My View Research. If you have any questions, just ask and we will be happy to help answer your query.

What is the covert equipment?

The covert video equipment consists of a button camera with a built-in microphone, recording unit, spare batteries, plug in and car charger, as well as an SD card.

What support do you provide to individuals becoming self-employed?

When you register as a mystery shopper with My View Research, you will be provided with an electronic document detailing what you need to do to register as self-employed (assuming you are not self-employed already) as well as how to complete your annual tax self-assessment returns.

Can I work for other mystery shopping agencies?

Yes you can and we would highly recommend this. The more mystery shopping agencies that you register with, the more assignments will be available to you. When you have completed your training, we will provide a list of other UK based mystery shopping agencies that you can also register with.

How does the training work?

Once you have registered as a mystery shopper and paid your £450 investment, you will be provided with your covert video equipment along with a step-by-step guide detailing how to set-up and use the equipment. A video call will also be organised to talk you through how to use the equipment and our online reporting portal for submitting your completed mystery shops. We will then ask you to complete one mystery shop in your area. This mystery shop will be reviewed, and feedback will be provided on areas such as framing, sound quality, adherence to the individual mystery shop requirements and accuracy of scoring. We also provide ongoing feedback and training.

What technology do you use to submit information?

My View Research has a very intuitive, easy to use, online reporting portal as well as an app where all your assignments will be hosted. You can complete the scoring reports via either method, but the video footage must be uploaded via your desktop.

How many mystery shoppers do you have working with you?

We have on average 1,600 mystery shoppers registered with us at any one time, with approximately 250 of those being specialist covert video mystery shoppers.

Can I get other people to complete mystery shopping assignments both with me and for me?

Yes you can, subject to confirmation by My View Research and the individual being profile compliant to the brand.

What happens if I find that video mystery shopping is not for me and I no longer want to use my equipment?

If you decide you do not wish to continue with video mystery shopping, My View Research will support you with finding a buyer for your equipment. You will also still have the opportunity to complete other non-video assignments, should you choose to do so.

Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what one of our covert Mystery Shoppers had to say…

“I have worked with My View Research for the last nine months and have always had a great experience. I find the team to be really helpful and always at the end of an email or phone call should I need any help or clarification on an assignment brief.

I have worked on various different types of assignments including automotive, kitchen design, service calls and property builders. These have been face-to-face and by telephone, or online.

Recently I started carrying out covert video assignments and have successfully completed a round of kitchen design visits to a retailer. This has helped me massively increase my confidence in carrying out face-to-face visits and being able to accurately recall the exact steps of the assignment to provide better reports.

Assignments are always reviewed and audited quickly, and good feedback provided to assist me if required on improving my recording of assignments. The assignment fees are always worthwhile, and you are not expected to travel long distances without assistance with travel costs. I have recently travelled quite a bit around Scotland and been compensated fairly for this.

My View Research are one of my first ports of call for my monthly assignments due to the lovely team and the work available.”

Covert Mystery Shopper – Scotland

Where do I sign-up?

If you would like to register as a freelance covert mystery shopper with My View Research, please click the button below. Once you have registered and completed your online profile, please email support@myviewresearch.com to organise the purchase of your covert equipment and training.

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