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Mystery Shopping for your Business

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Telephone Mystery shopper

Benefits of becoming a mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra income while helping businesses improve their service.

What would you like to know?

Mystery Shoppers pose as real customers to enact a real customer scenario, to assess the level of customer service provided. Mystery Shopping research can be carried out as a work from home side hustle or as a full-time self-employed role.

My View Research operates using a self-allocation arrangement via an ‘Available Assignments’ board. Depending on the radius of travel that you have set with-in your portfolio, your portal will show you which mystery shops are available within your area and you can apply for the assignments that you would like to carry out.

Absolutely, mystery shopping has become a popular side hustle as you can choose which assignments will suit you and in your area. Using local mystery shoppers allows for more credibility with the customer scenario, as they are familiar with the local area and can use their own contact details if needed.

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